Trestle Dining Table

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Wood Trestle Dining Table
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Trestle table is a table that is similar to the long-shaped benches that are made to accommodate many people. Put it simply, we can say that the trestle table is a large piece of wood resting on two legs spread in the bottom of the support. And because it only has two legs, then there is more room on the table and in the end were able to accommodate more people. Trestle table is usually applied to a variety of events such as family picnics, birthday celebration, or dinner party together. Along with the development and change of time, we can apply a trestle table as a dining table and called it trestle dining table.

Trestle dining room table would be a good investment for us for the next few years because this table is made of wood. As we all know that wood is a material that is very strong, sturdy, and has the durability to be relied upon. Trestle table comes with a wide selection of wood species used ranging from oak, maple, or pine.

Antique Trestle Dining Table

One more fact about trestle dining table – this is an original folding table that can be dismantled and installed very easily. We can store it in a shed or under the bed when not needed. So, when we need a table that is practical and large-sized able to accommodate more people, the trestle table is the answer to our question. Popularity trestle table has been around since the 17th century in the United States because it is very easy to be moved and placed in a covered wagon. As for treatment, we can give the table regular oil with a cloth.

Random Photo Gallery of Trestle Dining Table

Wood Trestle Dining Table Distressed Trestle Dining Table Rustic Trestle Dining Table Antique Trestle Dining Table Trestle Dining Table Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table

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